Our Business Locations

Our Business Locations

Each of our indoor skydiving facilities includes a state of the art vertical wind tunnel which provides human flight and ancillary services to complete the indoor skydiving experience.  The ancillary services at each facility are designed to complement the needs of that facility and range from merchandise and flight memorabilia, to retail shops and cafes.

ISA Group facilities include only the most aerodynamically stable, robust, high efficiency, low maintenance vertical wind tunnels (VWT).  Our VWTs comprise proven technology, which have been in operation 365 days a year since 1998.  Since the first VWT, improvements have been made to the design, efficiency and reliability of the VWT technology so that today’s VWT are safe, reliable free fall simulators that can accommodate up to 8 people at any one time.

Each VWT enables human flight in air without planes or parachutes, through the force of wind being generated vertically.  In the VWT, wind moves upwards at speeds of up to 195 km/h (55m/s).  The wind speed is varied to equal the terminal velocity of the human body belly-downwards to enable the person to float in the air.  The resulting “flight” is the closest simulation possible to the experience of actual skydiving.

The VWT operates using recirculating wind techniques and horizontally mounted fans.  By using this configuration the VWT operates in the most energy efficient manner and requires lower ongoing maintenance.  The design of the tunnels also provide a stable wall to wall airflow in the tunnel flight chamber making it them the safest operating tunnels as flyers cannot “fall off” the air column or become tangled in the safety net.

Each ISA Group facility provides a total indoor skydiving experience, including training, flight and commemorative merchandise in a social, spectator friendly environment.


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