About Us

About Us

Indoor Skydive Australia Group Limited (ISA Group) was founded to by two ex-SAS soldiers to bring the joy of simulated human flight to the region.

ISA Group uses world leading technology to construct indoor skydiving facilities which simulate the free fall experience usually felt when skydiving.  The specially constructed vertical wind tunnels include a flight chamber which allows individuals or groups to fly within the tunnel and perform aerobatic manoeuvres in a safe and controlled environment.  Indoor Skydiving facilities are used by tourists, enthusiast and the military (including the Australian Military) and active skydivers.

Our business model is based on flexible operating hours, low overheads and proven technology which underpin a strong margin of return.  The global market for indoor skydiving is estimated to exceed US$1.6 billion in annual revenue by 2025.  ISA Group has the key first mover advantage in the region which will assist us in tapping into this significant market.

ISA Group listed on the ASX on 18 January 2013 under ASX code IDZ and is in the process of developing a portfolio of indoor skydiving facilities.  Our flagship facility commenced operations in Penrith Sydney in March 2014 under the customer facing brand, iFLY Downunder.

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